Yesterday I was discharged from a rehab facility after 6 wks and a Lyme Disease...

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  • I'm so sorry- you had a particularly bad case, it sounds like. Are you still being treated? Generally, with late stage neuroborreliosis, 6 weeks of antibiotics is not enough. This group and maybe local support groups can help you develop methods that work for you. Learn about detox, it is very important. I'm not sure how much you know, so just start asking.

  • I'm done being treated according to my doctor. I believe we caught it early on. I was talking with my boss whose brother has it and I guess he has a chronic case and it's just has me on edge.

  • This just happened to me no walk & no talking was fairly short lived..but no fun

  • Neurological symptoms like yours are more often associated with late stage disease. Most doctors are woefully uninformed and the CDC bs is not helpful. If you start having symptoms again, just remember you are not alone and there are lots of us who will be happy to help. Meanwhile, think carefully & do research before you get any immunizations and do not agree to steroid treatment for anything because your immune system has been damaged by the borrelia. At least, do some research before allowing those two things (flu shots and corticosteroids).

  • Thank you so much

  • Interesting I went to my doctor when I began having symptoms he increased my BP medicine dosage and gave me a flu shot. By the end of the week I was in the ER because my symptoms worsened and eventually I could not walk and my speech began to slur. It took about 10 days for me to be diagnosed with Lyme Disease while I laid in the hospital and the doctor refused to believe that LD could even be a factor. I had to suggest twice that he test me for it.

  • I would continue to treat herbally for at least 3 months, possibly 6 months...Cowden, Buhner or Vital Plan's Restore program. Vital Plan was started by an MD who healed from lyme using the Buhner protocol + some other therapies. The Vital Plan team is available for questions via their website(no charge).- You can ask what they suggest. Most docs who treat lyme and are lyme literate, treat lyme(even when it's caught early) with multiple antibiotics and for many months. Not sure how long you were treated, but I've read you treat an early infection for at least a month- (3 months is probably better) AFTER symptoms have resolved.

  • Go to the Facebook page, Pioneers:Healing Lyme with BEE Venom has helped me get so much better and helped a lot of other people too

  • Thank you all very much