Yesterday got me thinking. so

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  • If my attention was on the things around me or my health I would be a hopeless person. Sometimes I am distracted by world events or my health, but my focus is on The Lord.

    He will one day dry the tears, cease the pain, and set all of the wrongs right. The Lord alone will restore us, give us a new body that is free of sin and pain.

    I look forward to His glorious coming!

  • games, lots of games, online communities(like this one) and good friends ive accrued over the years

  • For me, it's photography. Even if I am in too much pain to carry my camera everywhere like I used to, I always at least have my phone to take pictures with. I believe we all need a creative outlet of some kind.

  • Kindered spirit, I see. I'm a singer songwriter. That's my therapy, my solace. Music, poetry, meditation. And friends. :)

  • oh, and tea. since i don't drink a lot of coffee anymore, i developed passion for teas. .. it's all about small things, they make all the difference. a smile. colours of sunset. an email. winter sunshine. great guitar riff. perfect rhyme.... ps. i'm an avid photographer, too. not a pro by any means, but love taking the portraits. just recently took the nude portrait workshop. it was fabulous!

  • Thanks for this post! I give gratitude every day for the love I share in my life, and for the food that I eat, my home, and bed. I put energy into what I care about and the changes I'd like to see in the world through daily actions, petitions, sharing information, and donations. I am gentle with myself. I take steps towards continually being the best "me" that I can be- and discovering who that is through life's transitions. I let go when I need to, I lose it in tears sometimes. I allow myself to feel hopeless for a moment, then I move through that and work towards finding hope again. It is always there if we give a little time, and continually shift our perspective. <3

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