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  • I kind of got that attitude this morning with my daughter when I made her go to the gym with me. She has goals in her life and i will be damned if I let this disease take those goals from her.

  • I can really relate to this, thank you

  • That's exactly how I feel and without us helping them keep those in focus and pushing when others would just give up they will loose site so as I told my older boys. I will always be your biggest and the hardest at pushing you. You can dislike me now as long as you love me when your 30 lol.

  • That funny cause I has the same talk with JIA kid this morning.. she it took a while for to get moving but she made me VERY PROUD. She help me clean house but it was slow going but she did every that she needed to help with..

    JIA sucks!!!

  • I tried that today. But with all the rain the past couple days I guess she's in a lot of pain. Says her legs hurt really bad. It makes me sad cause I just wanted her to spend time with me. I feel like she's slipping away and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

  • It's very hard.. Hope she feels better mine has stayed in he room most of the day cause she's not feeling good herself because of a long day yesterday and the rain too

  • Emily and I have been working very hard to get to her goals. Her main goal is to be able to play Jr high basketball next year. She played basketball this year but that was one practice and one game per week. She knows she needs to be active every day and she works very hard at that. Now we just need to work on finding the perfect medication for her. I just pray everything works out for her and all of our kids. They are so strong.

  • The weather has been causing a lot of pain with Em too. It's 60 one day and rainy ☔and 35 the next.

  • Yeah. It's been crazy.

  • No way Shayla could do basketball. She had trouble with choir this year because they had to stand up a lot over a two hour period. I'm hoping to get her to enjoy gardening as it would be something as opposed to nothing. And believe me, gardening is not for the faint of heart.

  • That's terrible that she can't even stand for long periods. It sounds like whatever med she is on isn't working or she needs more PT. I know a lot of people like swimming too. That's really much nicer on joints.

  • We've had these talks too. Although, this week it's been the opposite. He has a broken leg. He says it doesn't hurt and tries to walk on it every chance he gets and to go as fast as he can on crutches..I keep telling him he's going to fall again and possibly break something else. He makes me a nervous wreck! I'm normally pushing him to do as much as possible though, I feel like a mean mama sometimes.

  • She's not on anything now. She was on MTX but doc weaned her off last year. I'm grateful for that because her liver enzymes were getting really high. Doc claims her pain now is just from the hypermobile joints. But her feet, which were affected, had three or four hot spots the other day and were visibly swollen. I'm calling Shriners tomorrow to get her in to their rheumy for a second opinion. Is it normal for them to only do an MRI on one joint to check for active arthritis? That's what ours does and I think it's stupid.

  • Sounds like my son. Had knee surgery in January and was going going going on it. I'd have had to chain him to the bed to keep him down. No arthritis for him, just chronic knee issues and pain.

  • It had been broken since Sat and he walked on it until Wed...he assured me it was fine

  • Not sure. What joint did they check? Was it one that was bothering her? Usually, from what I understand they only use MRI on joints that are hard to evaluate for swelling and things like the tmj, spine, and whatnot.

  • They did her ankle this time. I think originally they did her foot.

  • Oh wow. Boys

  • Our kiddos have such a high pain tolerance they amaze me. If I broke anything I wouldn't make it no time before I was begging to go to the doctor.

  • I think it's such a fine line! My 4 yr old has JIA. I want her to live her life to the fullest & not fall back on blaming the disease for everything, but I also know how difficult it is sometimes to be in such an incredible amount of pain & have someone tell you to just keep pushing thru it. I have RA, so I know first hand that sometimes it's next to impossible to push thru the pain, and hearing someone say that almost minimizes what you're feeling. This can in turn make you feel very isolated and almost like a failure. There is definitely a time to push, but also a time to take care of yourself. I think it's important for our children to learn that it's okay to "take a break" and learn to say "no". Asking for help does not show weakness, but rather insight. I've had a very difficult time with this myself, but I'm slowing learning this life lesson....kind of