Years ago I posted a list of frequencies for toxic metals The list was...

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  • very other words,..must get them 'bound' until they are removed from body....very interesting.

  • Yes. We use Metal Release.

  • What is metal release? Is it like ALA that Cutler uses?

  • Use EDTA

  • \EDTA for Metals, charcoal for chemicals

  • What is EDTA?

  • EDTA is a synthetic chemical used in the food industry for color and flavor retention. It is somewhat toxic. Oral exposures to EDTA produced adverse reproductive and developmental effects in animals. The sodium salt removes calcium from the blood and can cause severe muscle spasms. The calcium salt is better that way. Lead has a higher affinity for EDTA chelation than calcium so it works fine for lead. In experiments with iv chelation, there were significant increases in urinary lead, zinc, cadmium, and calcium with a small increase in copper. It muscle tests bad and we don't use it. We prefer Metal Release which is an herbal formula that we make.

  • Charcoal is good for some chemicals that happen to be in the gut when the charcoal goes through. I am waiting for a volunteer to experiment with mold toxins removal using activated charcoal. For chemicals we us a product we make called Phase II Detox. It increases the ability of the liver to process chemicals. For petroleum based toxins, Standard Process Parotid works great.

  • EDTA was also used by the military to take lead and metals out of the body in lead factory's that made batteries for Sub. in WW2. Have been using it for years and my customers have been using it with great success. It is safe as long as you follow directionson the bottle, just don't fall for the hype of some of the real high dollar EDTA you should be able to get it at a good health food store for about 15 to 20 dollars.

  • Can metal release help with uranium?