Would liposomal artimisim make bee venom less effective

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  • I have heard its contraindicated with bvt I think

  • While I haven't taken Artimisinin liposomally yet, I have taken it orally and rectally as well as having IV artesunate for my babesia and parasites. I only notice improvement in symptoms and no negation in positive effect. It definitely helped escort some extra critters out. However, I am at odds with the rest of this group. I've been hearing a lot about making it liposomally, is it difficult to do?

  • I had dark field microscopy with a Lyme Dr and saw the parasites in my blood cells. Possibly Babesia.

    Also I have previously had a massive excretion of big parasites from my bowel using ivermectin before I started BVT.

    I buy the artimisim liposomally, I don't make it.

    Great Jacquline that it helped exit some critters.

  • So do u just do iv artesunate on non sting days then?

  • Bernadette Bateman would you mind sharing what brand you buy? I'd love to try it. I respond so well to derivatives of this herb.

  • Yes, but not very often. I can't afford it. Just when I need a boost so I can keep caring for myself.

  • BVT works on babesia and all blood parasites so you don't need art for that. This is what the microscopy groups see. I got incredibly sick from lipo art too one weekend and had a really crazy scary herx, but art kills Lyme persisters so it could have been a Lyme herx. If I was going to do anything I would take artemisia annua.

  • Jacqlyn,its ( quicksilver scientific.com. )

  • Alison why the artimisim annua ?

  • No idea but I think you can do diomataceous earth with Bvt which helps with parasites etc

  • Can you show me the research that BVT works on Babs and all parasites pls?

  • And can you tell me what a Lyme presister is pls ?

  • Frozen cod liver oil caps also helps with parasites

  • Hi Karla. Both Ellie, and Shari's daughter got rid of babs with bee venom but there is some research here -- http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12167627 where phospholipase 2 inhibits malaria. A persistor is a Lyme germ that's changed form to protect itself from antibiotics and the immune system.

  • artemisia annua is the whole plant that artemisinin is dervied from. It has the extra oxygen bond that can reach blood parasites but as far as I know it doesn't protect the cell like plaquenil. It's gentler and is metabolized more like food than a drug.

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  • Babesia lives inside the red blood cell. He could see that with his microscope?

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz there were black dots inside my red blood cells. Yes could see then with darkfield microscopy.

    QuickSilverScientific.com is where I got my liposomal artimisim.

  • Bernadette Bateman Wow!! I had it, it was the only Lyme co. that went away with meds. Good Luck!!

  • I have similar questions. I muscle tested for a high viral load and have Babesia. I started taking Viressence and Brazilian Green Propolis but have Artemisinin powder. Not sure if I should add this for Babesia or not. I have no idea if BVT's enough to kill it alone.

  • When a full spirochete is killed it lets off bleps (persistors) which can again grow into full spirochetes. Bv renders the spiro paralized so it cannot let off these blebs. Karla i can only attest for my babs getting wiped out and a beef tapeworm.

  • How does Plaquenil protect the cell Alison?