Would appreciate prayers for my cataract surgery tomorrow at 7. 30 a. m

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  • Prayers for peace to surround you my dear

  • Protandim caused my friend's cataracts go away. He had cataracts and glaucoma and they went away because he was taking Protandim. Seriously

  • It also help with cataracts in a dog's eyes that we know.

  • I'm about to start that Christina Russell!! Seriously on the cataracts? My dog has those

  • Prayers for you!

  • I will praying!

  • Give it to your dog too. My dogs each get half of one. And that's just because of funding. They could each have a whole one and they did for the first week or two

  • I grind it in a mortar and pestle and put it with the ground turkey that they have. They also each get 500 milligrams of Ester-C , jello that I make with cinnamon and a tiny bit of honey and other things.

  • That's so awesome! Why the jello?

  • Praying for you, Susan, you brave and strong woman!

  • Thanks everyone. Heading there now. Looking forward to having my vision back! Pray for no chlaustrophobia. ❤

  • Thank you guys! On my way!

  • Surgery over. A success!!!

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz. Get some rest. Hugs