Why does babesia treatment bring out bart. Trying to understand the science

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  • Luba Williams?

  • Sherri, we are having a similar problem with my son. Where can I read about what you are describing? I don't want to hijack your post...I plan to ask our llmd this question when I get a callback! I'll let you know their response.

  • Luba, my son is taking clindamycin, biaxin, mepron, and tindamax on the weekends. Lyme with cos of mycoplasma, strep, EBV titers high (old infection), babesia borderline+ Igm 40 but with some symptoms so they are treating. First night sweats worsened, short of breath but now some bart symptoms.

  • Yes treating one infection can allow others to take the spotlight, very common.

    I do treat all infections at the same time but I'm years into treatment. When I first started, we attacked babs & Lyme for the first 5 months, Then started incorporating my Bart treatment.... Sounds like a lot of herxing is going on for your daughter right now, hold tight, your in the eye of the storm right now,

    It Will pass though.... <3

  • Thank you Luba Williams and Alisa Turner. She is currently on omnicef, zithro, mepron, and tindamax. We have been trying to add bactrim but the combo of that and trying to do tindamax daily was horrible for her. We slowed the tindamax to 2 days a week and just now adding back the bactrim for bart. Hoping she will tolerate this regimen. This is where I found the info Jennifer... http://www.mdjunction.com/forums/lyme-disease-supp ort-forums/general-support/28421-symptoms-lists-fo r-lyme-bartonella-babsiosa