Why do they say not to drink alcohol with sjogrens And also a couple times...

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  • Thanks :-)

  • I always ask my dr if I can still have my glass of wine when she changes or adds a prescription. She has yet to take away my one vice. I will stick with her!

  • The skin on my face particularly across my nose and cheek area has burnt for years, goes away without any probs irritating though : )

  • Sandra do u have lupus?

  • I have lupus/sjogren's and I get the burning on the face and shoulders if I have even been in the mid day sun for a short time ~ like 10 minutes. I was a big chardonnay drinker and all of a sudden, about 4 years ago, I was up literally all night needing to have a sip of water. No amount of Biotene mouth spray helped. My next day would be ruined from lack of sleep and I started getting hangovers when I didn't before. Also, I started pain med therapy, and I had a few glasses of wine in place of my pain meds last month, and had heart palps after, which really scared me. I am hoping the Benlysta (starting as soon as insurance ok's) makes me feel better in general, so I can wean off of my 3 to 4 a day pain meds and be able to have wine again. My husband is a wine sommelier and has a huge wine dinner tonight at our restaurant, 5 course meal, so many fun people, but I once again didn't go because it is zero fun sitting there with painful joints wishing I had my pj's on while everyone around me has a great time. The old me would have been having a great time! It's like one day, my life just changed. : / That's my alcohol story.

  • When I was on just plaquenil drinking was fine, now that I'm on methotrexate I can't drink at all because the meds alone can mess up your liver so adding alcohol is very dangerous

  • Kristy I tested weakly positive for Lupus initially and local hospital thought that was what I had ( thought it myself for years) in my twenties many years ago I could see halos around car lights and street lamps, had numb finger, ulcers in nose and mouth, aches and pains etc, but the test didn't appear until late seventies I think. Wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't Lupus, but hospitals lost interest in me! Sure if I deteriorate they might let me in: )

  • Sandra wow! I have a lot of that too. My lupus came back negative and my doctor even said she was surprised. I can't stand to be in the sun for any amount of time now,it's just too much. My vision without glasses is so bad that I've always seen halos so it's hard to tell with that. Very strange. I can't wait to have my healthy body in heaven! ...well, I can wait,but you know what I mean :-)