Who has tried this DonJoy Reactive knee brace

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  • Please keep us updated as you go!!! I'm interested!

  • The muscles in my thighs are pretty much gone because of this disease. It sucks.

  • I did.. I hated sweating in it

  • ...

  • Yah I noticed that too... but oh well. It's washable.

  • ... ?

  • I have one. It helps some

  • Awesome! Yes keep us updated. I need to get one of those

  • I feel that way too... They're just so diminished. So maddening.

    And we are supposed to strengthen them by doing these little exercises that feel like you're not doing anything.

    I miss leg days at the gym, stair climber, cycling, and running!

  • And left the worst tan lines.. I used it for tennis..

  • Oh no! lol

    I don't want the tan lines :(