What do you do when you NEED pain relief I m not being managed by any doctors...

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  • I can't take pain meds, not even a Tylenol. I got spinal blocks for my back pain (kyphosis) and use lidocaine patches, although there is some information out there that says they are contraindicated with EDS. Last week I had a horrible week-long headache when I went to the naturopath doctor for my saline infusions. He must have sensed how much I was hurting because he stuck some needles on my ear (acupuncture) and the headache was gone.

  • I'm not sure what to suggest, but please be careful with the chiro. Especially letting them pop your neck. It can be very dangerous for us.

    It sounds like the chiro pinched a nerve or nerves. I'm not sure what to do for that exactly, but I definitely would talk to your doctor even if you don't think they'll help. Just in case the chiro did some damage.

    You could try a warm Epsom salt bath and a heating pad and see if that helps with pain at all, but I would definitely mention it to your doctor.

    I know you aren't on any meds and can't take any, but a muscle relaxer might would help if you could.

  • Muscle relaxers seem to help for me. They are not addicting and just take the edge off.

  • I've had good luck with natural remedies, especially magnesium oil (topically) and Golden Tea (turmeric/ginger) to help with pain & inflammation. It can take a while to be really effective, though :(