WG Started cell cept after 3 months re entry friday and huge lower abdomen...

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  • I remember my daughter had the "grumbling" tummy when initially starting Cellcept and when they upped the dosages, but then it leveled out. Did that happen when you first when on it last time? I agree that "dried plums" probably would best be avoided until your "d" abates.

  • Take those health food store refrigerated probiotics and some digestive enzyme tablets made from pineapple. Settles things down. :)

  • So sorry Lenny..in the same boat..on a med for gout patients..helps with my flare ups..well..my bathroom is my best friend these days..ugh..ginger tea has helped..hoping when I go back to doc tomorrow he tells me I'm down 10 pounds..lol..take care

  • Love my Chobani yogurt

  • Stoneyfield Yogurt (don't like thick yogurt) seems to be very helpful :)

  • For those of you suffering with the "d" word, be careful with dehydration, which can happen very easily. Then you're in for other problems like not enough potassium or other minerals and possible problems with heart rhythms.

  • i felt the same with it!

  • Sorry you are having abdominal distress Lenny :(

  • (wg) Sorry Lenny, I hope that it settles out. I just tarted Cellcept on Monday. Take care. :)

  • no experience with cellcept. Hope it goes away. Feel better.