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  • A giggle a minute... love it. Gotta use that one soon. Hang in Carol, this vascultiis stuff is exhausting for sure.

  • When I was on higher prednisone, I used to choke on saliva all the time; and when I drank something, I had to consciously THINK about swallowing, to keep from choking. Kinda like when you get panic-y and you have to think about breathing. Weird!

  • A modified barium swallow study can be done to find out where the problem is occurring and there are compensatory swallow strategies to combat it. It will also show if the vocal chords are moving together and closing properly. The test in non-invasive and is different from an upper gi test. If you want I can see if I can find a link . Dysphasia is common after strokes, brain injury and other neurological conditions. The concern is for aspiration pneumonia due to dysphagia. Subglottic stenosis issues do not effect the swallow process... They effect the breathing process, as air travels through the larynx and trachea. The chords close to prevent food and drink from entering as they go down the esophagus. Hope this helps and you get some relief.

  • Wow had no clue Kathleen Ernest Cergol that dysphagia can be caused by stroke etc! kinda makes me worried given I have dysphagia supposedly from GERD but I did do the upper Gi test and barrium swallow and EGD done. But definitely keeping those causes in the back of my head as questions to ask my gastroenterologist next month. Thanks for that info.

  • My dad drinks out of a straw and he noticed that it seems to cause him to choke more so he stopped. Not sure if this is helpful.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz Christine Manning Oakley... Drinking from a straw can cause one with swallowing difficulties to choke more. The cause is usually a delayed swallow reflex... So the liquid leaves the mouth before the swallow reflex is triggered, the vocal chords remain open, until the swallow occurs.

  • I have a subglottic stenosis, but I still don't choke. I do cough a lot, however. Good luck!

  • I had completed hundreds is swallow studies as a Speech Pathologist in an acute care and rehab hospital. We generally mix barium with several different food consistencies and liquids as the radiologist films. There are different techniques and food consistencies to try while there to find the safest way to get nutrition.

  • I also posted this on Patti's message "Yes! I had heart burn/acid reflux all the time. My lung Dr. wrote me a RX for Nexium -I got the generic form. It has helped sooo much. It worked better than the over the counter prilosec. At first my insurance company would not pay since they have over the counter meds so he called my insurance company and now they pay." I was wondering if they should take out your tonsils?

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz Oakley my insur BCBS wouldn't cover Nexium either unless my gastro sent in an authorization form???? So I had to go with protonix instead. That they cover. I don't get insur sometimes.