WG. Back from the dermatologist. they biopsied three of the growths on my head

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  • Hope the meds take care of the growths on your face/head and there won't be any surprises. Sounds like you might be getting ice on top of the snow...not good. Long Island has really gotten hit hard with Nemo's wrath. Ice on top of snow is always a disaster in our area!

  • Sounds nasty.... Hope results will be good. Is this all linked up to yr WG ?? we have snow forcast... Be a passing breeze no doubt !! keep warm : )

  • He said not likely about the WG but biopsied it to make sure, enjoy the snow Phillipa. @ Bette...we got a few inches of rain today and now it is so foggy..will freeze overnight and a few more inches of snow Wed into Thurs....schools are closed...just not safe....never saw the roads this bad...ever!!