Went to the doctor and we discussed all kinds of things My incision has healed...

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  • You're making progress, Lanna; keep up the good work.

  • Pleased for you and the progress you are making Lanna

  • Happy to hear that you're making progress. Keep doing what you've been doing, Lanna, & you'll be dancing a jig in no time. Lol. :D

  • I have to do crunches to keep my stomach muscles strong to counteract the time that I limped. I'm so glad you are doing well. If grinch doesn't like your doc's instruction, my prescription would be earplugs.

  • Nah, I have something better... My ear muffs I wear when I go target practicing with my firearms.. :)

  • They are big, pink, and very well muffled. :)

  • They will make the perfect statement.

  • I did what to share with everyone to include I forgot... My doctor thinks my back pain if from the new knee, I will go along with it for now, but I know what all is wrong with my back and this is something that I will get checked into more thoroughly when I get moved back home.

  • Oh, I already made him mad this afternoon when he came home.. He was being disrespectful and mouthy and I gave him his words right back.. He didn't like it..

  • Good on you Laana