went to see physio today gave me list of exercise to do at home i am in so...

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  • i have mild and they trying to stop from getting to severe ...i thought excerise would make it worst ..his saying i need to strengthen my bones so i can handle doing house work without pain...i just did my morning excise and feel worst then ever ..

  • (((Hugs Heather Erdenay))),life for me is very frustrating too,im 49 and have been waiting on hip surgery for 17 mths now here in Aust on the public waiting list,i cant even make my bed now,im a mother and should be running around with my kids but because my surgeon has been putting of my op because he thinks im to young,im now classed severe. my new hip he says might last10/15 yrs before ill need another,but in saying that im over it, and ide love him to walk a day in my shoes,Hope you have a wonderful weekend,Kay,Australia.

  • sorry for all the pain you suffer..i guess we all have some sort of bad pain to deal with and hope for the best ..hope one day we all get the treatments and don't feel this much pain ...god bless have a nice weekend ...Heather Australia <3

  • Thank you Heather Erdenay,love to be a facebook friend,only if you wish,Kay,Australia.

  • sure hun it be nice to chat with you about our pains and others things :)

  • Any time Heather Erdenay,im up for a chat,i so love facebook its a life saver if you use it correctly,this being my main form of being social with the outside world,Kay.xx

  • yes same here ..i am not on like i use to be ....but its great to chat with everyone

  • My physical therapy has helped me tons.

  • this was my first session and in two weeks we going to see if the exercise has help me strengthen my bones ...its just so i can do my normal house work without pain

  • Physio saved me! just be careful and slow in moving, always listen to your body - little and often is good with exercise :)