went to rhummy doctor who said my foot pain is neuropathy nerve pain caused by...

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  • Hi I am a Podiatrist, who has vasculitis. I have peripheral neuropathy in both feet. I use 100mg Tramadol four times a day for pain topped up with 1000mg paracetamol four times a day. Having nerve Conduction tests in a week's time. Will keep you up-to-date. Peter

  • oof not neuropathy...

  • This week back to acupunture and the chiro

  • Miki-because I of your comment, I called an acupunture doctor and made an appt. Thank you for telling me what helps you

  • I have neuropathy due to a spinal cord injury. I use Lidocaine patches on foot and leg when the pain is too intense. It doesn't eliminate it but it makes it so that I can sleep at night and it is focused on the area that is hurting the most.

  • what a good idea, Jude! I have lidocaine patches in the house for a painful knee; I will try them on my foot

  • For neuropathy, I take venlafaxine. It has taken the edge off the pain completely (tingles, numbness remain). Lyrica also worked & kicked in faster, but made me too sleepy to function.

  • WG/GPA: pain is the first issue, but don't forget to address the issue of your mobility too. Rehab is important for foot neuropathy. You can find ankle-strengthening exercises on the Internet or your doc can prescribe therapy. I've had electro stimulation, laser treatments and lots of Thera band exercises. Water aerobics (barefoot) has helped me get feeling back in my feet after two flares. This third one is going slower. I think it helps with the pain, too.

  • WG/GPA: The doctors proscribed me redomex for the pain. I took this for a few months. Did help me but is also a pill that works on your appetite ;-). I also took vitamines B12 wich would help cure the nerves and went to the physiotherapist. At the moment I can walk fine, but my feeth is still 'sleeping'. Didn't try water aerobics yet Carol Ille, but I will give that a try as soon as they let me leave the hospital.

  • had massage yesterday which helped for 24 hours; back and foot in pain tonight; had accupucture today but accupucture dr said I need 3 appts for it to help