Went to Mallory s ped doctor today for her well visit She has not grown much...

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  • It took more like 12 weeks before we noticed a significant difference with mtx.

  • We saw limited progress using methotrexate alone. We added Enbrel after about 4 months.

  • Is she taking naproxen or anything for pain?

  • Mtx generally takes 12 to 16 weeks. We've seen a difference but it took longer than that. Arthritis and chronic issues tend to take a while to see progress. Don't get too down. My migraine doc used to say 6 months. Give it that long before deciding. xxx

  • We added Enbrel after about 8 weeks on MTX and saw almost immediate results. As for growth...two inches a year is normal after toddlerhood. Our kids tend to have growth struggles when their disease is not under control. Both my kids see a pediatric endocrinologist (only my son has JA). Thankfully my son has stayed on his height curve for the past five years on MTX and enbrel. Weight is our struggle now...he is severely underweight.

  • Good results when adding enbrel here also!!! Although now she does humira instead of the enbrel because her uveitis is pretty active..both do very well with methotrexate!:)

  • Patience is key regardless of what you do. MTX plus water therapy (hot tub) got my daughter moving as a toddler after about 4 months. This is a tough disease because the solution takes a while to kick in and is only the solution for as long as it works. Remember, this is an autoimmune disease that leaves damage behind. Always hard to tell if it is active disease or old damage causing problems. Patience, persistence and compassion. Sometimes a shot of steroids at the primary point of inflammation helps. Please don't rush the more invasive drugs. We all want a quick fix, but that has costs too.

  • Right there with you. We are on week 7 of mtx and in the midst of a flare that started last week. Doc wants to add enbrel but waiting on insurer. Hugs, mama. You're doing all you can.

  • It took us 16 weeks on MTX :( I kept thinking it was never going to help. Poor kiddo. Karen is right our kids do struggle with growth when inflammation is not under control.

  • Guess it is a waiting game. Thanks for the help!