Went 48 hours with no power thanks to a blizzard named after a fish Candles...

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  • I hope nothing is wrong, Jess. Keep us posted.

  • Thanks Chris, will do!!! I don't remember this much pain this far out after the last 3 surgeries. So frustrating.

  • Oh no! Feel better. The storm was named after a fictitious fish none the less! Let us know how your appt goes. Hugs & prayers ~

  • I don't remember much pain at all. This really stinks

  • Hoping you can get a resolve , keep us posted Warm Well Wishes! Glad your power got restored mines was out 21 hrs. Hope you where safe , during this I live on the south coast in Ma. Lovely more to come. .

  • I live on the south shore of MA too. We were chilly, but weathered the storm well enough. Glad your power wasn't out for too long! I really wish that my doctor can figure this out, it's be nice to not have these headaches and the pain is focused into such a small area. It's really unpleasant!

  • Saw my ENT surgeon this morning. I took 2 tylenol 3, and the pain was still excruciating. I almost passed out twice while trying to check out, and had to sit in the waiting room for half an hour before I was capable of driving myself home (I couldn't reach anyone close and figured by the time my boyfriend drove a half hour from work I'd have been sitting an hour and if I wasn't fine by then I'd need a trip to the ER!)... Doctor said that the left side has a normal amount of bleeding/crusting, but the right side is way more than normal. After some painful work, he was able to remove all the crusting which should help ease the pain for a little bit. He says that this level of pain is atypical, and that the massive amount of inflammation in my body is probably part of the problem. My inflammatory markers in my blood work weren't elevated this time, but the only thing that the pathology report really showed from the surgery was extremely high levels of inflammation that say they are in keeping with chronic active sinusitis. He said that even though the path reports show no signs of vasculitis or granulomas, that doesn't mean that I don't have WG like we've thought the last few years (I have enough other symptoms to qualify the diagnosis), and since I'm mostly responding to medication he wouldn't change that (other than maybe to try Rituxan but that is up to the primary treating doctor- my rheumy)... He also said that there is a very small chance that maybe this is some other form of auto-immune disease that hasn't been distinguished with a name yet... It would be like me to come up with something brand new... Who knows. I'm sticking with the WG. I also learned that there are several different types of inflammation- lymphocytic, plasmacytic, and neutrophilic inflammation is noted in the pathology report. Learn something new every day.

  • Oh- he also gave me another script for more pain meds (just tylenol 3 again) but suggested I try excedrin since it has caffeine in it... I decided I'd try a cup of coffee for now since I didn't particularly want to go to the drug store after my painful morning...

  • How are you today?

  • Sore and tired... and we finally got power back at work so it's very very busy! will be a long day.