we made a huge mistake and i had 6times the clindamycin anyway heres my...

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  • oh its such a mess its our fault my husband didnt understand the clindamycin dosing the bottles said what we thought was right but turned out horribly wrong hes been doing my iv for yrs first time ever it was bad my dr said wait till i perk back up a week 2 tops so its been just over a week .i was feeling great after the first gluthion so we did them each day i started getting a bit sicker so i thought the stupid babisea was coming back and it was time to go back on i felt good to go.we did 900mgs the next day i felt pretty rough so we went down to 600mgs and it has been 7 doses of gluthion i thought he ment take it all the days you are herxing!!i think it must be too much too OMG THE CLINDAMYCIN WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE LEFT MY SYSTEM BY NOW POSION CONTROL was called and they did tons of tests on me evrything was good so a week and a half later i started back on.hmmmm i think too much gluthion damm it ill tell him he needs to give us more specific instructions i guess i dint know any of this he just told me it would make me feel better on days i was herxing so i thought i was supposed to take it all the days during the herx sounds like one for each herx is good agin 6 times too much holy crap this sucks my husband is getting so upset too hes not over the overdose yet he feels really bad still we wish we had more help but there is no one but me and him our family doesnt help us at all.

  • You will get to a point where doing Glutathione will feel Awesome but in the beginning, it can stir up some stuff... But stick with it!!!!!

  • the gluthion did feel awesome a few days after the overdose i took it and felt better than i had in yrs i even swept the floors!!!so this is why we kept doing them we thought more was better and it is covered tru medical and we asked for more and hes supposed to be sending it to the pharmacy so we didnt think we were doing it wrong but today i figured it must be too much again

  • im supposed to be on clindamycin 4 days a week i was supposed to start at 3oo and work up to 900 since we overdosed it massivly by accident i was to stay off it up to 2 weeks and start back up on the 900mgs sine i tolerted it well so then id be doing 900 4 days a week and gluthion while herxing so i guess i just did too much gluthion and its making me too sick to handel the clindamycin plus im probaly still full of dead toxins from the huge doses its just a big mess!dont worry ill keep doing the gluthion ill just wait till i get a clearer dosing shedule

  • I've had that amazing feeling from the glutathione too June Whitehead, I could have sworn I was cured, LOL, I was running around cooking, shopping, feeling great! Too bad it only lasted a day! Anyway, I was told that my weekly glutathione IVs work by slowly building up over time. This has been true for me, since I am feeling much better than I did before I started them in Sept. <3

  • Does orall glutathione do this too?

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I have not had the same GREAT results from the oral glutathione as I've had with the IVs, and I have tried several orals. I have found Reconcostat Powder to be good, just not awesome like the IVs. Here's the link:

    http://healthygoods.com/recancostat-powder-56-gram s.html?utm_medium=cse&utm_source=google&gclid=CMSU lb7mr7UCFY9AMgodgWQAkA

  • PS - Karen Durm it has a sulfer taste, if you mix with cranberry juice it is not too bad.

  • i did glutathione gel, i yhought it worked pretty well while I was on it.

  • what about redisorb? anyone try taht?