We have received several suspicious requests currently we have 111 that we got...

Now this is where they get very crafty! They actually go and Block your real profile with the cloned one. They do this by viewing your real profile with the fake account and simply clicking on Report/block. Once this is done you will never be able to see this new profile and won’t even know of its existence! They can now do anything they want on Facebook AS YOU without you knowing that they even exist! With this blocking feature they can comment after you (AS YOU) on a post and you will not see it. They can now manipulate, extort, beg for money and do whatever they want right under your nose and you won’t know a thing. They will even ‘block’ your wife and close friends and family from seeing this new profile making it even more difficult for you to detect.

They will then send friend request to all your friends. Once a few accept the rest follows and you have a major problem. This intruder can now literally also control your real profile using the cloned one. Example: You comment (with your real profile)on a friends profile that your car broke down and that the day can only get better... your friend replies “Ag shame man... hope it all works out”. The cloned profile then replies on the same post with “Please can you send me some money?” Because your real profile is blocked by the cloned one you will not see this message. The cloned profile can now extort money from all your friends right under your nose. They can also message all your friends (as you) asking for money. They can post on their walls and comment on anything your friend post without you seeing a thing.

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  • There is also a blog online where people are sharing what those in private groups or blogs are writing and they make fun of it. It's very sad that people get their joy out of someone else's sorrow.

  • terrible

  • That is pretty sneaky. How infuriating

  • Sad.I had a fb my first my daughter changed my password took over it I couldnt change password or get into it.so I made a new one this one.I tried to contact fb to delete it no help there .This is horrible.Thanks for sharing Tina

  • I just hope this never happens to me.

  • ditto

  • Thanks for doing all the research and sharing with us.

  • Also very important: these fake profiles, also known as spam bots (because once they hack one profile, they can duplicate many others), also post links to stories which you may believe are related to the group or illness, yet if you look at the site, it's unrecognizable. Those links are known as "click bait" because once you click on the fake story, your profile has been hacked. If you don't recognize the site posting the "news story," think twice before clicking on it. If it doesn't seem logical, don't click on it. Several months ago, I recall people repeatedly reporting click bait stories which used the same picture of the same young girl. I don't know if anyone remembers that, but it was a big problem. Today I commented on one about tramadol "being the drug killing the most people." I think we all know opioids are killing people more than any other drug, so I didn't dare click on the story.

  • thanks for filling us in

  • How can we prevent this from happening to our account? Any security settings?

  • Look at the name of the site posting the "news story." Do you recognize it? If the headline seems too good to be true, unrealistic, fake or odd, don't click on it. Click on sites you know are reputable to avoid "click baits." Spam bots are tricky and that's about the only way you can stay ahead of them.

  • This is why I always look at the friends and profile of ANYONE that I do not know. In the pat 6 months I have received at least 6 Friend requests a month and I have declined them all...their profile only had like 3 pictures on them . It is a foreign country with nothing to back their picture. Do not except anyone you do not know.

  • This is becoming rampant again. I just use the old tried and true email approach....if you don't recognize it delete and don't open.