We have done 4 months of Methotrexate and over a year of naproxen on my 4 year...

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  • Time for a biologic. Enbrel seems to be a common first try.

  • Is that a stronger immune suppressant?

  • Yes but it works quite differently than MTX. Your rheumatologist should explain to you how they work but they actually work together (MTX and a biologic) to suppress the immune system but also block the cell receptors from allowing the immune parts that have been attacking to attach.

  • Thanks for the info

  • Generally, the will add Enbrel with MTX and probably drop the NSAID.

  • Yep probably Enbrel with your Methotrexate as stated above. That was our next step but we never dropped the Naproxen just put it "as needed"

  • We had to drop the Naproxen last week anyways it was really messing her belly up!

  • Here is a link to a PR-COIN tool we developed to help families decide on which medications to try. The TNF-alpha drugs are usually the first choice (enbrel and humira) so you can check them out.

  • TNF is what she mentioned at the last visit! I just didn't know what it meant! That link was very helpful thank you

  • My daughter added humira with her MTX as the second step, worked wonders!

  • Enbrel or Humira, depending on your insurance.

  • What is a nsaid

  • Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory

  • If Enbrel is prescribed, insist on the subcutaneous kit, rather than prefilled syringe, because the preservative used burns like the dickens. Super painful!

  • They added Enbrel today!