We had our first Rheumy appointment with our 8 year old daughter last week and...

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  • Hi Lisa, just wondering how you got a Rheumy app?Did physio refer u?x

  • No it was a locum GP. Our usual GP has spent the last 4 years giving us calpol & ibuprofen gel to rub into her.We were attending physio for 2 years but because my daughter has ASD too,she wasn't always willing to do the excersizes & they discharged us leaving it all in the totally uncapable hands of school! We saw this locum after she'd dislocated her knee cap for the 3rd time & she referred us.x

  • Oh bless her. Josh was diagnosed april asd & hypermobility but still not heard from physio, he's dislocated his knee twice & elbow :-( Thanks hun x

  • Is he in pain with the Hypermobility? x

  • Only when joints lock or dislocate not often x

  • We've been that lucky too, makes you appreciate it when you hear the horror stories x

  • My son was diagnosed as hypermobile 7/9 on the scale about 2 yrs ago through podiatry and also the OT ( he also has dyspraxia and high functioning asd). Since then, he has had physio. We had our first rheumy appointment last week, and she has referred us to their physio for stamina exercises.

  • It's hard to judge whether Dr's are doing all they can isn't it,but i'm just thankful she's back in the system after being discharged from Physio.Rhiana has Dyspraxia too Pam x

  • To be fair - all of the health professional have really been fantastic.. We have never been discharged, and always kept in the loop.. my biggest frustration is that school put everything under the autism umbrella.. they don't deal with the issues of the other dx, and despite countless attempts at explanations, they don't get that sensory issues, dyspraxia and hypermobility all impact on behaviour and mood.. they also don't get the health issues either.

  • Rhiana's not been in school since February...but that's a whole different story lol!