Was up and adam this morning shopping for scrubs and getting my flu shot

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  • About 12 hours after I had the shot it hit me hard for about 24 hours. Just pure exhaustion, but I was in a flare at the time. Hope you don't have a reaction. Even a reaction is better than the flu tho.

  • (((Healing Hugs))) are being sent your way!

  • hugs and luck to you!!!

  • Sara I wasn't going to get the flu shot, I was forced to in order to do my externship.

  • My externship went great. I stuck 9 and got blood from 7. So proud of meeeee. We'll see how tomorrow goes. :)

  • Congrats !! How are you feeling?

  • Margie I feel good but tired. When I get home I take a Hot bubble bath and it's just what the doctor ordered. I'm on my way there now. Today I doubled my successful sticks-14 out of 15. Smiley faces everywhere.

  • How wonderful for you starting your externship! Congratulations! I hope your "friend" will be nicer to you tomorrow! You will do great, don't worry. I got my flu shot and didn't get sick, so hopefully you'll be okay too. Let us know how it goes tomorrow!

  • Thanx Joy, yes my "friend" has behaved thanx to me taking 2 aleves in the morning. Today went great, got 11 out of 13. YaY Meeee.

  • Awesome! Congrats!!!