Was out shopping most of today Boy do I feel it lol Every year I say I m...

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  • So are you all done with your shopping now?

    I took Dillon over to see his friend with the broken neck. Dillon played video games with him and played the guitar for him while his mum & I had a spot of tea and chatted the afternoon away - I so enjoyed it, she tought me how to drink tea like a Britt :) Then home to deal with teen crises...panic calls from twin B about twin A and such...ugh...

    I need to finish shopping and maybe put my tree up...

  • But we got some great news today...a local teen girl who was abducted a month ago was found alive and OK today in SF..she is reuniting with her parents as I type this :)

  • No, I am not done with my shopping. Just started. lol

    That is great about the teen girl. Happy news.. There are too many that dont turn out good. That was actually on our news.. How do you drink tea like a Britt?? Our tree is up but we need to decorate it. John does the lights (does a really good job too) and I usually do the rest. I am going to keep a few aside and have Abby help me on tuesday..

  • It was America's Most Wanted. I missed it tho. Been keeping up with it in our local news and all the posters all over everywhere. I heard it was on natl news. I was really worried it wasn't going to have a happy eneding. Her dad was passing out fliers and searching for her everyday. So glad it has a happy ending and what a Christmas this will be for them :)

    Tea like a Britt...it has milk in it, you drink it in a small cup, with both hands and both pinkies exteneded, you use a saucer and have cake or cookies with it - and it should be brewed in a tea pot, not a cup - she did it in the cups and said her mother would not approve - lol. I'd never had milk in my tea before, but it was good - earl grey tea.

  • Wondering how much caffiene's in earl grey...I've been up with insomnia almost all night...

  • It will be fun to do with Abby!!

  • Oh ok. When I was little my friends and I used to have tea parties and drink tea like that. lol

    And I used to always put milk in my tea. I now use half and half (fat free) and dont really like it with milk anymore.

    I like Earl Grey... I didn't think it had any more caffiene than black but I could be wrong..

  • No...probably not...I just have insomnia on ocassion ;-/

    I had tea parties when I was little too - but never had milk in my tea before ;)

  • Yes, it will be and Janet --Abby's real grandmother lol and I are taking her to get her pictures taken. We did it last year also. We bought her a really pretty dress and it has a dress for a baby doll also, and then we are going to have a little christmas with her here at my house..It should be fun and that is when we will put ornaments onthe tree..

  • That all sounds wonderful :)