Was diagnose august 2008 it s been I very hard road that I m welling to fight I...

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  • Mary, we will keep fighting and praying for a cure! Your right sarcoid doesn't stand a chance. You will be in my prayers.

  • Thank u so much GOD bless u Sharon u and mines as well love

  • I am in Imuran and lots of other meds. But I do feel like I am getting stronger. Hang in there and lets pray that cure comes soon.

  • Keeping You in my thoughts and Prayers! Keep fighting!! God Bless You!

  • Keep up the good fight! You're in my thoughts :)

  • Thanks to u all and GOD bless u all in to win guys I well never gave up the fight and hoping for a cure

  • Hi Jennifer thank u yes it's a fight everyday but I keep moving on and thank u for UR story I'm just happy that I'm not by myself in this that theirs others like me and when people out there don't understands u guys do I'm so happy for this page it helps me ALOT when new things start to happen or come up sometimes I fill like there's no hope but I know it is so I have to tell my self 2morrow is a brighter day and I well get better thank u so much lovely lady an nice to met u SMILIN

  • Thanks to all u guys for UR prayers I thank GOD for this page because y'all understands me and my pain so GOD bless u y'all this is my sarcoidosis family SMILIN and I'm over joyed to be here with u guys thank u guys for UR info on this page and just helping me understands this sarc we have hugs to u all

  • I am compiling real stories for hopefully a book. Would you email your journey with this disease. Teri_welch@iinet.net.au. The more people we get in the better. I plan to compile them all and send a digital copy to everyone and I will be sending to tv stations radio stations govt departments etc. remain anonymous or not. Your choice. Xx.