Vent alert This disese sucks My 5 year old dd went to bed Friday night fine...

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  • A question because I'm literally just going through this-can you take a pic of her rash?

  • Even in a small area. Because my son was seen at er last night and the dr had no idea what his rash is as it's nothing he's ever seen before

  • This ws her face. I thought it might have been spider bites

  • But then we noticed it was all over

  • And this morning, she woke up with it being way worse...same arm

  • The doctor said it was Erythema Multiform. I looked it up. Apparently It is worse in people with weakened immune systems like our kiddies

  • We did bloodwork to determine if it was viral or bacterial. The bacterial is more contagious, but her sister her is all over her, has shown zero signs of the same thing

  • I'm so sorry.

  • Our daughter has spiked a high fever aftwr yesterday's festival :( she will be missing trick or treating tomorrow I'm afraid.

  • This disease sucks

  • The rash itself is not contagious as it is the bodies reaction to something, but if a virus caused it the virus itself may be contagious. I hope she feels better soon.

  • Thank you. Me too!

  • Ugh! So frustrating. Sorry mama. :'(