Update on Dakota sorry prewarning long post It has been a pretty rough week...

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  • I never asked a doctor but floating in a pool is the only thing that will fully release my pain , might help while you wait for surgery, I'm still waiting myself

  • Are you in Little Rock? I had my surgery with Dr McCarthy at UAMS, but he also works from Children's hospital. He suppose to be the best in Ar. He does 80% children.

  • I had my l5 s1 surgery in Nashville and live in ky and was able to fill my scripts all the pharmacy had to do is call the Dr to confirm the script and the ins.paid for it

  • Speaking from experience. We have been dealing with post operative complications and even a rod breaking all since 12/6. My 16 year old had surgery then and a month later the rod broke. It was another surgery and we live 1.5 hours away from dr. Even the pediatrician and local hospital send her back to the original hospital any time she needs to be seen. So closer to home is always good however I do agree you have an extremely hard decision. Prayers for your guys!

  • I can understand that it is a hard decision to make for you. You have felt so abandoned by the first surgeon and so "heard" by the second, that all kind of emotions mixed with more rational arguments are fighting to be leading. But for sure Dakota will get the surgery he needs en you will be there for him all the way! Wish you good luck with the decision making process but it sounds good either way!

  • Also keep in mind the car ride home after surgery. My daughter could barely go the 10 minutes. There were so many bumps that she felt. Take many pillows for the car ride home. I pray that you make the right decision. It's hard. Who can do the surgery earliest? Thinking of your baby so that the pain can be relieved fastest. Good luck. Please keep us posted.

  • I live in eastern Montana and had to travel all the way to Spokane Washington for my surgery which is 11 hours away. I was in the hospital for 7days after and honestly don't remember much of the car ride home besides we did break it into two days and had lots of pillows. As far as medication we were able to just call. My next appointment was 6 weeks after. Hope everything works out.