Update from my last post once upping my dosage to 4 5mg of LDN I did that...

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  • ~ fabulous Elizabeth Peterson Nelson, thanks for sharing. It took me time to increase my activity level and to rebuild strength in my upper body. One step at a time....eating. Real food, being gluten free, drinking lots of water, a good nights sleep, good belly laughter and surrounding yourself with positive, energetic people is also valuable. Continued wellness to you.

  • I'm glad you have improvement! That is promising.

  • I've been following the Wheat Belly protocol (way of eating) for over 3 1/2 yrs. My rheumatologist has told me I have an aggressive form of RA so that's one of the reasons I changed my way of eating as well as doing LDN. You're absolutely correct Christy Escobedo Brady....I so agree with you!!!

  • Happy for you Elizabeth Peterson Nelson!