Ugg this week Ive been told to suck it up your not sick your a drug addict...

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  • I have so been there! Same job for 13 years working with people I truly thought were my friends! WRONG! I always thought I was a good judge of character but some people are just that good because using others is their way of life! What I have learned is that those that I really never thought about as close friends have come through with the brightest colors! They have stood by me in my darkest hour willing to help carry me! I don't know what I would have done without those few Angels! We didn't ask for Sarcoidosis to mess up our lives Lee-Ann Bruce! It's not our fault! I am a firm believer that everything that happens, happens for a reason! If they don't care enough to learn and understand our disease, then as hard as it is, we have to remove their negativity from our lives. I hope that you can find some true friends and family to surround yourself with because we all need that! Prayers and (((HUGS))) my sweet Sarcoid Sister!

  • I completely understand where you are at with this. I've been compared to other sick people being told if they can live with that you should be able to do more. I've had all kinds of judgement. I finally learned who I can talk to when I feel well and who I can't. It bothered me for awhile but now I really don't care. I've built a support system of the people who do try and understand. Nobody knows what we endure until they walk in our shoes. Our body is constantly fighting itself. I hope you find some good loving people in your life and get rid of the negative ones!! Hang in there and keep fighting for yourself!

  • I love it Lee-Ann. Lol

  • Thanks Cindy. Im trying to fit in in this cruel world. Since chronic illness I've seen heard it all !!! Im disappointed in people I thought be there to listen aren't they just judge what they see. Not everything is what you see. So much goes on behind closed doors. No one ever sees. Im lucky I have home care behind me. They've seen it al. !! Sad Sad but life goes on. Ive got to remain positive and confident that Im worth treating good. Im worthy of proper care. Its unreal how I see. Im worth period. Most people would never went one day in my shoes. Ever !!!

  • Amen sister and you know it. Ive secretly been seeing a counselor. The ones around me say prove it off take another pill. Well Id record them and play it my councilor says cut the cord. I really had a hard time with that. But its done now and no turning back.

  • Love you sister !!

  • Me!Me!Me!Me! I agree,Gree,Gree! It's your time, my time, our time. Doing so much for others that some won't do a darned thing for us when we need it or add so many stipulations that it tears us down.or at least tries to. But u keep up the good fight, girl. It is your battle and u can do it.

  • You are definitely worth proper care and true friends that don't judge! Truth is most people couldn't make it a day in your shoes!

  • Omg you said it !!! It's all OUR time to make the changes we need for ourselves . With the love and support from the ppl who truly understand .

  • I learned a long time ago people are so judgemental!!! I want you to know this.... don't pay any attention to people who are RUDE and INCONSIDERATE. They are clueless, they need to walk in your shoes so they can learn to keep their rude comments to themselves! You have friends, like myself who get it, have been there done that and totally understand. Negative people are a waste of your time! Just put your time toward the people that care, are there for you and don't judge you!!! They are your true friends and family! I really hope you have a great day.

  • Your so sweet Becky only people and if people only knew. Ppl put a good front in front of people try to make me look crazy. I am crazy cause of all the bullshit but like I said you just don't know until your in it. I thankfully got a councillor who listens and gives me advice and validates my feelings . If I continue letting people hurt me ... it doesn't show my worth it gives a license to keep doing it. My heels are in I'm

    Strong enough to defend myself.

  • Thank you so much Lee-Ann for such a sweet comment. I understand and feel your pain. I want you to know I truly care. PLEASE call me anytime! I don't care what time it is and NEVER let the time stop you! I'm serious! If you don't have my number I'm glad to give it to you. Have a great night.

  • It can be really hard especially when it's family. I struggled with it too but some people just don't understand and you have to break the ties before they break you down!

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz hugs sister ! I have to agree or they get people to fight there own battles

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz oh my yes my biggest advice to anyone if others are hurting you get away fast case it's only going to happen down the road and be more hurtful !!

  • I hope someday to meet you and give you a huge hug but for know (((HUGS)))!

  • Lee-Ann Bruce and u know I have some repressed anger issues that I can work out for ya! Pow!

  • OC Turner I love you ;)

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz you xo

  • Don't let those people get you down! I just shrug it off anymore, they just don't understand!

    Hope you feel better soon!