Too all of my Sjogrins and Fibromyalgia Friends I have a question and...

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  • I do sit a lot but I can't get my muscles to relax. I only get a sensation when I'm not knocked out. I agree, I think I move a lot because of pain and stiffness. Thanks for the input.

  • Reading your post I wish I could move a lot. Most days just walking to one room to the next is hard, my foot pain and cramps, my heart feels as though I have ran a marathon. Miss my hicks in my woods. Go ladies go! :)

  • I don't go far at all, my dear. I just have to stay in motion to keep from stoving up.

  • I've always been very active. The ting I miss most is my daily walking. My neuropathy is so painful it's hard to walk. I was tired a long time and with pain before I got diagnosed . It took years to find out what's really going on. I miss my active lifestyle . I still work 55 hours at my business but it wipes me out .

  • Yes always going on turbo mode, not so much anymore. I have to take a nap if we plan on going out at night on the weekends.

  • Peggy I understand the neuropathy pain in walking.

  • Peggy O'Connor and Jacquie Raines please explain more about your foot pain and neuropathy pain. I thought my foot pain was because of my hard wood floors. It just got worse and worse last year (winter). So far the summer months were kind to my feet. I only had to fight the server cramping in both feet, legs, hands... Hugs

  • I started with the neuropathy about 12 years ago when I first moved to Florida. I couldn't even walk on my tile floors in the bathroom and kitchen. They continue to lose feeling as life rolls along but nothing has been done about it. My neurologist gave me Lyrica but that puts me in space - even the pediatric dose. Since I live alone, that's not acceptable. It hurts to walk no matter what shoes I choose and I have changed to shoes that have straps around the ankle to assure the shoes stay on. I have no idea what I'm gripping or not. Tennis shoes are best but it is so hot in Florida!! I constantly activate my muscles throughout the foot to do my best to help myself but it doesn't help much. Yes, I do get cramps at times but now it is mostly very numb. At last check, my neurologist said the numbness has spread up to the knees. How long have you had your symptoms? Cramps to me sounds more vascular? Try eating bananas to help with that.

  • Jacquie Raines I can not even imagine going through that. Praying they find something that help you!

  • Yes I was def a TYPE A. Workaholic, everything else that goes with this personality type.