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  • You're in PA, right? Its cold as heck out here. I'm no doc but in personal experience, You probably have chillblains. If that's the case:

    Wear two pair of ALL times from Sept til April. Not kidding. Don't let the toes get around temps below 60 degrees.

    Moisturize daily. I use a glycerine-based lotion. Just cause you're a guy does't mean you couldn't use some lotion. My eds daughter prefers the Aveno Skin Relief with shea butter and dimethicone to my glycierine for her skin issues. I mention it cause aveno won't make you smell like a flower. :)

    Use an OTC cortisone cream once or twice a day.

    I happen to be online at the library at the moment, but from home I only fb from my phone. So...if you want to talk about it send me a private message or post on my wall. K?

  • I checked out some info on this and the photos are identical to what my toes look like. Excellent info from you. Thank you

  • You are welcome. Glad to help (Its always nice when my own issues can help someone else's!!!).

    Now, keep those toes WARM!!!! (I know, its almost impossible because it never stops snowing. Wobbly people still have to shovel!! LOL)