Today is day 4 of being sick with fever and chills that comes and goes

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  • I had it once in the second week, a low grade fever, aches and chills. I've only been stinging for 6 weeks though.

  • It is normal to get this, chills, fever etc, herx and getting at viruses. We need to stick to the protocol of stinging 3 days a week to get optimum healing, taking a break now and then when needed is ok, but we have to keep at it to get well, Hang in there and get back to it, onward and upward.

  • Ellie, all of my bees have died with one sting day left before new bees arrive. What should I do in this situation?

  • Fredo Viola Catch wild if u can or bum a few.........enjoy the day off if u cant...........and just re-start the next sting day like normal.

  • Thank you kindly, Mark! :)

  • Fredo Viola