Today is a bad pain day The weather has been wierd one day it s warm and sunny...

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  • I have to agree. I had to drive about 30 minutes today which killed my back. Holding my right foot in position to drive was not a joy. I ended up setting cruise at 43 mph so I wouldn't have to hold my foot in position. Hoping better days to come for all of us.

  • Me too

  • I just wish I could find something to take this pain away this weather is sure crazy and hard on the body

  • I take all my meds, but they don't help

  • So do I some night I just wanna cry

  • Ops nights

  • I've been like this also.

  • Same here,the rain and cold is the worst.

  • Same here Hun people dont seem to understand how sometimes even getting dressed is a struggle water from the shower hurts your skin and because I live alone when they fitted the wet room shower it is anti scald which would be ok but when the water presser is low you end up with a shower that is hardly warm at all. Gentle hugs

  • I know the feeling too. It's been a cold and wet week here. Last weekend was so warm too. The col seems to sink into my joints and can't get warm or get rid of it. X