To everyone and their sincere caring and concern all night last night for me...

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  • Thank you! I was so appreciative of it. Especially knowing that when someone said they were worried or they were praying for me or that they were so upset meant the world because you are my friends that KNOW what a major flare feels like and the frustration of trying to get physicians to help.....

  • U just have to remember listen to your body and don't be afraid to really push for something to be done! I hope u get some rest and relief soon

  • My rhuemy is out of the office today so I told her desk lady that if I am still struggling SO hard that I WILL be in monday. Without a doubt! But right now I really am soooooo much better

  • So glad to hear that your ok Stacie been so worried about you glad they going to do something for you soft hugs

  • <3 u!

  • You too I'm so happy to hear your doing a little better hope your rheumatologist gets back to you soon

  • Yes glad to hear you are doing little bit better hopefully you get in to see the Rhuemy soon as possible and they can sort it out as soon as possible so you can so much better :)

  • It is Friday night here. I might get into rhuemy early mon morning. Am feeling better tonight. Not 100% but maybe 50%. Only 2 passing out spells and have stayed awake most of the day. Husband has been making me eat and drink even if it is a bit at a time. Still in a lot of pain but not having the heart issues and the fever issues tonight.

  • Dr last night said it is my body fighting pain and inflammation and so many drugs in my system at once

  • Hope your getting some well deserved rest Xx