This week i start my senior year of my BSN program to become a Registered Nurse

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  • I'm so happy for you!

  • Thanks girl! I do it for all of us. Not just myself.

  • My daughter just go her ASN. She's taking a semester off then going for her BSN too.

  • Yes, she is telling it like it is. This is not melodrama, but sheer desire to take the next step and then the next till the degree is complete and a manageable future is in sight.. . That degree, accompanying state license and maybe even an ANA credential in a field of nursing ( Cece , check out the ANA credentials for another year or decade from now. ) gives us power in the marketplace. As long as we can do the work and have a way to manage our stress and pace our work, we can get the position and have a career with the income that allows us to save , raise our family, give our children opportunities and have nice recreation when we want it. Im just saying, it is harder for us than some other so- called healthy people but it is possible if we are pacing ourselves. For me the gift was literally being forced by the illness to slow down if I wanted to get ahead. A paradox. That said, there is a time when we all can not rise to the tasks and have to side line ourselves for healing but go forward when you can. Hop on the wagon of opportunity or it will leave without us. Three cheers to you Cece.

  • Good for you go go go to your dreams!!!

  • Praying for you, and oboy I have just saved this post to read over and over. Thinking I have enough energy to sit down & work part time, I studied Medical Billing & Coding at our local community college, finished a year ago at age 64, then got very sick and had colon surgery in April, still recovering. I am determined not to give up, but I sure appreciate your encouraging post. I have a 40 yr old friend with serious health problems, who is now studying hard to be a nurse. I am so proud of you both. Go for it! Mrow! Pfft pfft.

  • I wish her all the luck

  • You said it right. And I will look! Thanks

  • Thank you!

  • Awww I'm glad I could be an inspiration for you! I hope you continue to follow your dream!!!

  • Good for you!! Becoming a nurse was one of the best and hardest things I have ever done. And I didn't have Lupus while I was in nursing school! You've got this!!!

  • Thanks girl!! I appreciate it!!

  • That is fantastic! Your an inspiration! May you have many, many more blessings.

  • Thank you!!!!!!!