thinking they brought me the wrong kids today they have played so well...

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  • Enjoy!

  • Please don't say the "Q" word, it might jinx it. Enjoy while everything is so calm.. Hope your day is good.

  • At least the kids are behaving.... Feel better

  • Hi Lorraine hope you feel better we are going to have Rain here for the next few days and I can feel it in my bones.already .

  • Hope your pain eases soon!

  • Ouch sorry to hear. Crappy weather here feel like a human barometer.

  • Ahhh bless them, hope the pain gets better

  • Excellent

  • We are in Scotland at the.moment and it rains rains and some more rain. No body hurts

    Still I'm having a nice rest!!

  • Aww. Maybe there was something in the air to calm them?..