Think im run down I hate getting sick and have tonsillitis along with a nasty...

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  • Hope you get to feeling better soon!!! Praying for a good visit with your neurologist!

  • Thanks everyone. Well the cellcept isnt working. My muscels are deteriorating. Looks like cytoxan is the next step. Im scared of this. Feeling sorry for myself. X

  • It wasn't fun, but Cytoxan saved my life. Prayers for you!

  • Awww.... I hope you feel better soon, Leanne.

  • Hope you feel better!

  • sorry, but hope you feel better soon with some other type of help or meds. I am now on Imuran, which put me into remission.

  • Leanne don't give up,I will pray for you on Sunday. Take care love Peter xxx

  • Thank you all so much for your kind words. I feel like it is all so unfair, why me? Why us? X

  • me too !! went to my doc yesterday and he told me that I have a mild case of tonsillitis ... he doesn't wanna give me anything for it because of vasculitis :(

  • I got antibiotics hun. Be very careful, if you are on immune suppressants it can get bad very quickly. X