The rummy wanted to have a lip biopsy done to prove I have SS since he is...

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz my GP would freak out if I don't see a rheumy. Just food for thought :)

  • Oh I understand what you say about seeing a rheumy. Mine just said no need to come & hear the same thing from a second doctor. I see that the medical world does not have info we need on SS. My dr is an internist & stays up to date on everything he can.

  • My Rheumy said my Dr was doing & prescribing all that she would be doing except for one pill. Made that RX for pill & now internist does all those RX meds. Pain management does the pain pills

  • My PCP knows enough about my conditions to be able to treat them. In fact, the really sad thing is that she is a Physician Assistant - so not even an MD, but knows more then my Rheumy. However, she won't adjust or add any meds.. She send me to him and he does nothing.. SO frustrating!!! Last month, I went to her complaining about serious elbow pain. She said it was likely Tendonitis and sent me to him for Cortisone shots. I went to him and he was like "Oh, well go back to her for the shots." I reminded him that she sent me to him, saying it was his responsibility. He hemmed and hawed but finally did it.. He's SO lazy!! All he wants to do is have me come in every 3 months, tell me everything is fine (even if it isn't) and write my scripts! I started to ask him about the "Brain Fog" associated with SLE and SS.. He said "Oh you don't have that".. Umm.. HELLO??? I think I know if I have Brain Fog!! How would you know? There isn't a test for it - it's subjective! DUH!! Such a moron! Wish my PCP would take over my treatment..

  • Sounds like he has brain fog. ;)

  • If it weren't for your PA then I would say find another dr. We really have to check the dr out don't we. It's like being our own dr!

  • We are always are own best drs! Heck if hadn't insisted on taking a lump out of my breast 15 years ago I been dead--stage 4 cancer and that had spread to my lymph nodes. The surgeon put my mammogram up on viewer and said 99% chance it's nothing but I'll take it out if you want---boy I should have bet all that I had on that 1% --well I kind if did I bet my life on it!

  • Good thing you keep up yourself!


  • Geniene Pernotto - ROFL!! No kidding!! Or the laziest Doctor ever!!

  • Stacie Foster Thomas - I agree with Jan... WOW!! So glad that you ignored his dismissive attitude and decided to have it out. I have a very good friend with Stage 4. She was given 3 - 5 years, 2 1/2 years ago.. After a lot of Chemo and Radiation, she is in remission.. Still terminal though.. Prayers to you to stay cancer free!!