The DDSG Flipbook Acknowledgements

DDSG enjoys a partnership with world class physicians who host innovative Q&A (Coffee Talks) live in the Facebook newsfeed and provide our members an opportunity to ask questions of doctors experienced in treating this incurable and progressive genetic disease. We wish to thank our forum expert physicians who have contributed chapter intros to our Flipbook, hosted Coffee Talks, participate in our discussion threads and who collaborate and advocate for us: Dr. Charles Eaton, Dr. Gary Pess, Dr. Keith Denkler, Dr. Gopal Bajaj, Dr. Richard Shaffer, Dr. Guy Jones, Dr. Lawrence Hochman and Dr. Jeffrey Coster. We also enjoy a collaboration with Anna Shurer, Chair of the British Dupuytren Society as we work to fulfill our mission of raising global awareness for millions of sufferers. Anna’s unwavering support and advocacy makes her a community treasure!

Finally, it is our members, who so generously share their journeys with us that make DDSG the very special place that it is! Each unique story provides greater insight into this baffling, progressive and incurable disease. It is our collective hope that the work being done by our growing support and advocacy group will one day lead us to the cure!

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  • You are all ***amazing***. I thank God for you all.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz the person with the vision and passion behind all of this. Without her dedication, devotion, and persistence none of this would be here for our DDSG family.

  • I vote for Leslie Wieslander Rosenthal for President! And in her honor, I will send another donation to the Dupuytren Research Group, toward finding a cure. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • I truly love you Roberta! What a kind and generous soul you are! Thank you.

  • P.S. And one in honor of our Admins, who make Leslie Wieslander Rosenthal's dreams come true. Thank you, too.

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