Thankyou for the add. I m 26 and suffering with osteoarthritis in my right hand

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  • Welcome, it is hard on the little ones :(

  • It is. Mainly because they don't understand why mummy's crying or why I can't do some of the things other mums do like run around and kick a ball. But most times I try to push through the pain to let my kids lead the best life I can offer them, regardless of how hard it is.

  • Worst thing is my almost 4 year old daughter is showing signs of having juvenile arthritis too :( it runs in my family pretty strong, breaks my heart seeing her in pain

  • Noooooo :( poor little boo, I'll be praying for her.

  • Pain killers don't seem to work much on arthritis...I took Aleve for first time and it helped

  • I hate taking pain meds, I just deal with the pain...what I want is to be able to use my hand again properly :(!1

  • Pain killers cause probs