Thanks for allowing me to join this support group I found out last week that I...

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  • Your hand also looks similar to mine and hasn't progressed much in two and a half years. Only on your left hand? Are you right or left handed?

  • Welcome to our group, Kathie!

  • Yes, welcome!

  • Happy to have you here!

  • Welcome Kathie!

  • Welcome! I just joined last week too! Lots of fabulous info to be learned from this group!

  • Hi! My hand looks like yours.

  • Kathie welcome. The best time to start planning is now. So plan for what? Some of us get nodules and no progression while others progress quickly to contracture. I would go to DDSG File in the file sectiin and read all the different links on the treatment options. Then read the docs coffee talks. Think what treatment option you thing you would want first and do your homework about what doc and optimal time. Do a consult, get the medical insurance piece ironed out and boom you have a plan ready. For me it will be RT but mine has gone dormant so I am in a hold pattern. I monitor my hands and feet routinely for: nodules, cords, hardness of both, flexibility of my fingers, hand span, and pain itching etc. Once I see chan f es I will sat Rt. Your plan preference might be something different such as NA as needed. We will help you find an experience doc, which is key. Now skip down to supplements and healthy living, can you make chan f as that might decrease symptoms or slow it down. As you read please post questions. Good luck. We are here for you no matter which procedure will be in your plan of action when neede.

  • Exactly where my first nodule appeared this year. Welcome to our group--so glad you found us. Lots and lots of reading...and it can be such a relief to find people in the same boat!! You'll especially want to read up about Radiation Therapy, as I understand, it can be high effective in thwarting progression of the disease during early diagnosis. Be sure to check out the "Files"--tons of information.

  • I was thinking the same thing about mine!

  • Where in Florida are you?

  • Orange Park!

  • I am your neighbor I am in Ponte Vedra Beach.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz Our kids live there!

  • We must meet up for lunch. I am in Players Club Sawgrass. Let me know next time you are over here and we can meet up.