Thank you so much for letting me join i was told I had aps this June after 4...

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  • Thanks ladies

  • Hi I was diagnosed with aps after recurrent miscarriages michelle same as you. I waa diagnosed in august. I have to take baby aspirin constantly while trying to concieve then throughout pregnancy then at 6 weeks I will have to start heparin injections too. Hope this helps x

  • Thank you Sarah I helps a lot I hope all works out for you take care and thank you again xx

  • Hi Sarah hope you don't mind me asking is it a high dose of aspirin your on I was told to take 75 mg when had a positive test xx

  • Hi michelle I take 75 mg a day while trying to convieve and all the way through the pregnancy. I was told not to even consider getting pregnant until I had started the aspirin. Hope this helps xx

  • Hi Sarah i wish I could give you a big hug you have made me feel so hopeful that's what I've got 75 mg going to start taken them but will still see my doctor on Monday to thank you for all your help xx

  • I hope all goes well for you xx

  • Hopefully good news for the both of us soon. Fingers crossed xx

  • Seen your not very well love i hope you get better soon try and rest fingers crossed for us both xx

  • Thankyou hun xx