Thank you everyone for your love concern prayers positive energies for me my...

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  • Lots of sleep and let them do everything for you. I wasn't allowed to go any farther than the portapotty next to my bed for 2 days, until they felt comfortable that they had it under control. Plus, I didn't have the strength. Just be good and careful and let them take care of you. You're probably gonna have a lot of diuretics for a few days so don't hesitate to ask for all the help going potty that you need. WE LOVE YOU!

  • Love you girlfriend, feel better soon. Hugs sent your way.

  • I stayed up and prayed for u hon until u got ur IV started. Hand in there!! Loves n hugs

  • I so appreciate all of you!!! Still very short of breath with just moving in bed. Waiting on specialists-pulm, cardio, & hematology. This stinks,& my chest hurts. :( staying faithful- I will kick this, too. Tired so just going to try to sleep a little more. Sorry to worry everyone. Loves and hugs