Thank God After two days of not being able to open my jaw more than enough to...

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  • It's spasming now...I will try ice. Thank you, Katie. I'm neutral, I just slept funny that one day.

  • Feel so bad for you. I've been there so many times.

  • Thanks, Melissa. :) I feel so much better today!

  • yes I have constant TMJ too - gentle massage with a bit of pressure point in the sore bit helps a lot

  • I had to take an ibuprofen 800 both days and sleep on my back so my jaw would shift back. I know there is something herbal I can take for inflammation instead, but I'd have to look it up...and you don't think clearly with that kind of pain.

  • Turmeric and flax are anti-inflammatory.

  • If you have a Walmart you can get Max Freeze. Its just like Bio freeze but half the cost. Only down side to using it for your jaw is the fumes at first. (Eyes) I also use Voltaren (script anti inflammatory gel). It helps tremendously pretty much everywhere. I use both as I'm not allowed anything for pain in pill form unless its extremely bad and even then my Neuro frowns on it.

  • and you could stick on mini magnets - they help my RSI naturally within 2-3 days