Talked with the Scoliosis SOS clinic in London yesterday morning They use the...

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  • i was just reading up on sos clinic they dont say much about the costs, are the costs resonable? do the patiants stay there or is it a daily travel? xx

  • 3600 lbs (british unit) for a four week course.

  • Gotta find a place to stay - my girl is going to stay at her dad's and take the train into London every day

  • Is her train journey going to be long i can image that being a bit painful. Its not as bad as i thought price wise x

  • The hardest part will be flying from Montana to UK - she did it for a vacation and it really set her back. But I don't know what to do

  • To be honest if id have known about this clinic id have done it because even if it didn't work fully at least there would have been slightly more flexibility if surgery was later required meaning a straighter result well that's my logic of thinking x x

  • That's the way I'm thinking - it's a chance to avoid surgery for her

  • Exactly i never had a choice but if i could turn back i would have tried any thing and everything first x