Talk about confusing I just got my vitamin D panel back and I m at a freaking...

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  • Not sure of fb posted (stupid phone fb) but I was ovulating on day 17 during the lab draw...

  • Why in the hell do we have doctors?? Lol why does my doctor not know this????

  • I also supplemented for a long time and am still low. My understanding is that the lyme bugs actually use vitamin D and magnesium, so when we supplement we are needing to think of it as "supplementing for 2" (or thousands, or whatever. Some folks have concluded that this means we shouldn't supplement these two thing, basically to starve the little buggers. My doc's philosophy is that, while that might indeed damage the bugs, it is like curing yourself by not eating... it'll kill you, too!

  • Well look at what cancer patients have to endure. Chemo can kill a person yet in modern medicine that seems to be the only route they know. To me it makes sense to destroy the entire town and then rebuild afterwards, vs tearing down a house here and there and giving the buggers shelter elsewhere!? Smh. Studies. We need studies.

  • Cristopher Yulish I'm reading about the Marshall Protocol now. Was very confused because I take D3 everyday, and my doc says my D levels are great. Did you find Marshall Protocol helpful? Were you using with Rife Machine?

  • Vit D 3 is the one you want to use...

  • Michelle what are your d3 levels?

  • JL Menzel I think I'm missing a page of my last lab, but it says Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 85.7....I just remember doc saying your D levels are good. Can't find anything that says D3.

  • Thanks Cristopher Yulish! I am still going to read about it, but to be honest, I love the sun so much I know I would have a hard time with it. My doc already cautions me about being in the sun while on Doxy, and she is right, of course...:)

  • Wow Michelle that's awesome. I wonder what ur D 1,25 results were??