Still looking for some sort of mobility aid looking back pre diagnosis last...

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  • I feel like I would like to try before I buy, but we aren't seeing physiotherapy until end Aug and going away in motor home so we tend to walk once parked and it's going to be challenging. Not sure from perspective what would be easier, I have weak hips and my oh has OA knees and ankles, we had to get a high handled pushchair when they were little so we didn't suffer too much

  • What about the disabled equipment for sale groups on FB or freecycle, free ads, eBay etc? Get one to use just for the hol and see you you get on?

  • My daughter has had her wheelchair since the age of 6 and it is one of the best things we have done for her. She can now come on days out with her brothers and sister without being in extra pain. Reagan loves her wheelchair and has friends who will push her in it when they are out with us. Ask for a referral to wheelchair services and see what's on offer x

  • My daughter is five and made the transition from special buggy (maclaren major and Ormesa bug) when she started school.

    Apart from anything else, she feels more comfortable being in a wheelchair rather than a buggy, which she began to see as 'babyish' when her younger sister was born. Because she gets extra tired, the wheelchair service customised her wheelchair so that it lays back and she can sleep for a bit. People tend to look with interest, but never question why she is using it, as they perhaps might with a high street buggy.

  • ricability have information on what mobility aids are available and also a pretty special section on pushchairs etc for children whose parents have disabilities

  • Thanks all, will definitely make a decision soon, is it worth going to a motability shop or do they tend to be aimed more at the older person market?

  • Sorry are you in the uk ?? This may be helpful to hire one for going away or Is there any mobility hire places near to where your going

  • Brilliant thanks all

  • @Notsporty people do stare when we are out with poppy in her buggy but no one has ever said anything. I never concern myself with what other people think as there are only two important questions in life

    1 do I care?

    2 does it matter?

    I'm very unique that the answer to either is rarely yes!

    People think whatever they want and that's up to them, you can't change it but you can ignore it!

    If you get rude remarks u you can either ignore them or educate them or blow a raspberry at them

  • I've found your always going to come across ignorant/un-educated/rude people so I think to myself what am I gonna do? Tackle them all one by one and let their looks/comments upset & affect me or get on with my life & sod what they think !! I'd rather use that time & energy on my family & I think no one has the right to make it hard for us to go out and do family things if they don't like it they can walk away x