Started disability on line today cried I feel sad that it has come to this but...

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  • 2 years.

  • 1 year with a lawyer . Get a lawyer or they won't even look at you. It's worth it .

  • Turned down twice but hang in there you will get it and get reimbursed for the time it takes. Gentle hugs!!

  • I used Allsup and they are great!! Www. they do all the work for you!!

  • Get a lawyer and u will be approved. Took me 18 months, but the back pay is great, if u can stay afloat til then! And i was 34 at the time....i recently got "reviewed" and got approved 38 now.

  • the government automatically turns you down with the first application - it took me 2 years which is concidered quick

  • Got approved in 3 months, lawyer did all the work. I'm 32...

  • SSID...

  • I was denied at first hired a lawyer and it took a year for a hearing...they ruled in my favor and back tracked pay two years back got paid in three large sums including my monthly checks started immediately. Dont feel paid into the system for something just like this if it should happen.

    I found several hobbies and taught myself to read and write music. Find a passion you couldnt do or gave up before.....sick or not we need to stay focused on still living .

  • @Melanie they took Medicaid after i got appoved sSDthe governor in my state chose not to expand medicaid here praying you find favor