SPINAL Dimples

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  • This is scary...

    When my daughter was born she had (and still has) a really deep one...they called nicu team in to evaluate her at birth because they thought something wasn't closed up or something.. :/ but I've never had her checked for tethered cord.

  • Mine are very pronounced. Had all the issues reported.

  • It sucks but at least we know. My daughter and at least one sister have them and issues as well.

  • My family and I always thought my dimples were cute. This is shocking to me!

  • Hubby and son have them.

  • Tight Filum Syndrome

    Dr Petra Klinge

    YouTube clip


  • I believe i may have a very deep sacral dimple - but I'm not sure - it sort of resembles the original picture but where that is a very shallow indent mine is really deep, then stops and then the 'butt crack' starts. May have a chat to my Doctor as could explain many issues. I'm also hetero for MTHFR C677.

  • Ass dimples are a badge of honor

  • I've got one right above my ass crack too. Nobody would ever see it unless I pull down my pants. Weird thing is I remember when I was younger, I'd stick my finger in there and feel a weird zap sensation, similar to that of sticking your finger in your belly button. I don't mean to be gross in saying this but I always thought it was odd.

  • anybody ever heard of dimples in the shoulders ,on the back side ...my daughter has pots and was born with the dimples