Sooo I had a brief but informative chat with my rheumatologist and it seems...

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  • Noooo! I'm soooo sorry! I have both also.

  • So sorry

  • I have both too. My husband did the same. I agree with Vada Wright Smith, you deserve better than that. Stay strong and positive.

  • Her loss buddy

  • Man...I know it is hard but God clears the way for BIGGER and BETTER things! Stay blessed!

  • I'm sorry to hear what your rheumatologist confirmed, but be encouraged that you now know what it is. It's much easier dealing with an illness knowing what you are facing. The unknown can be much scarier. As for your ex, as heartbroken as you may feel right now, just know she was not the one for you. She obviously didn't love you for who you are because YOU have not changed. Your health may be different than what she expected, but you are still the same person, and you deserve someone who understands and will love you despite having these illnesses. Don't let the disease define who you are, and certainly don't let your ex make you feel down about yourself.

  • I, too, have both SS and MCTD and can't be as active as I'd like to be. I'm so sorry, Rich Nelson, that your girlfriend moved on but, you know what - she's obviously not the partner that you need or want. It takes maturity and some degree of selflessness to face life's obstacles. I think you will find a woman with a loving, generous spirit who will be a true partner to you. Hang in there, Rich. Sending hugs.

  • I've given up faith that there is a God.

  • Thank you all for the encouragement

  • God has not given up on you. Please don't let what you are going through change your faith

  • Erica, it isn't just this present trial, it's really 49 years of trials that have opened my eyes and ruined my heart

  • One question, please. In those 49 years, did youbdo it "your way" or "God's way". I realized that once I turn my life over to God, all things changed!

  • my experience was completely different.

  • Maybe wrong church, wrong support....give it another try

  • Sorry! God has someone better for you

  • I am so sorry! You are in my thoughts and prayers. You deserve better, clearly she is shallow and karma is a b!